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    Wiki Compression of spine help

    I am looking for clarification of what or if i can code a diagnosis - compression of t12 and l1 (it will be different locations in the spine). The documenation doesn't say fracture so i am not sure what this is....i was thinking i just don't have enough info however i am seeing this wording all...
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    Wiki Gazyva

    Has anyone had any experience billing Gazyza? It's a 1,000mg vial-day 1 100mg and day 2 900mg. Trying to find info on CMS site.
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    Wiki CIC exam re-take

    I failed my first attempt at the CIC certification. I'm so overwhelmed and maybe feel I'm just not meant to do inpatient coding. Any advice, reference material, study recomendations? Any other info that could possibly help is appreciated. TIps, hints, suggestions......... Thank you
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    Wiki Confusion re: HealthCon

    Does anybody know what is going on re: meals at HealthCon? I have tried calling AAPC and Disney and nobody seems to know. On the Employer Justification letter it says all meals are included but Disney says they have no info. I am trying to figure out if I need to purchase a mealplan for my...
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    Wiki 73510

    hi i need help i am new to orthopedic and they keep getting denials that 73510 with a modifier is not valid procedure code and or modifier, something like that i am not 100% sure, can someone give me some info on this code please thank you
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    Wiki CPT code S0199 help

    Does anybody know anything about the S0199. Medically induced abortion by oral ingestion of medication. This code says all associated services and supplies included (except drug). The Aetna HMO/NAMM says not covered my Medicare so they denied the services. I don't know if there is anything we...
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    Wiki Billing Private fees

    We are trying to make a case to always bill our private fee schedule. Many of our doctors don't want to see adjustments. Any info you have would be appreciated.
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    Wiki Audiologist Coder needs help!

    I have just been hired as a bookkeeper/receptionist/transcriptionist/coder for an Audiology practice here in North Dakota. It appears that Audiology is a rather under coded profession and I am looking for anyone who has any helpful info on coding for Audiology. I have just graduated college...