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    Wiki Inpatient coders needed at remote company Ciox Health

    Ciox has several open coding positions for Inpatient Coders. These are Remote positions with benefits. Here is what I found on their website: Duties and responsibilities · Assigning diagnostic and procedural codes to patient records using ICD-10-CM and CPT/HCPCS and any other designated...
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    Wiki New CIC with CPC experience. Looking for a job.

    I am newly certified in inpatient coding, CIC but have been working as an anesthesia coder with my CPC for six years. before that I have extensive experience in billing and claims. I’m having a really hard time finding a company that will hire me for inpatient coding with no experience in that...
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    Wiki Inpatient Sample Charts for practice

    Hi, I found one website for Inpatient sample charts. You can subscribe or become a follower to get updates of the website. There is lot of DRG coding sample charts and sample questions in this website.
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    Wiki After CDI queries...

    Question: I'm an inpatient coder at a large hospital. I am new, so not quite sure how to deal with this situation. After CDI has done their initial review on a chart, did some early queries and received answers back, BUT as the patient's hospital stay continued on, other doctors specified the...
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    Wiki Inpatient Coding questions

    Hi there, I am a relatively new inpatient coder at a large hospital. Sometimes I just want a message forum to ask coding questions (about specific codes, or about the coding process or hypotheticals). What message forum should I ask these questions? Right here in General Discussion? Inpatient...
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    Wiki CPC - ISO remote inpatient coding

    My name is Jennifer Dunn, CPC. I have obtained my CPC through the AAPC on August 18, 2018. I have a little over 2 years of inpatient coding experience from an inpatient rehab facility. I hope to hear from you soon.