1. L

    Wiki inpatient telehealth question

    hello one of my outpatient MD has been approached to provide telehealth psy services for an inpatient unit. We utilize telehealth with outpatient but I am not familiar with doing inpatent. are any of y'all billing this service if so are you getting paid. thanks lisa
  2. L

    Wiki Help with coding an inpatient stay after a hysterectomy

    Here is a summary of what happened with this patient. She had a TVH and on post op day 10 she was admitted as inpatient for post op fever, nausea vomiting, lack of appetite. She was diagnosed with vaginal cuff cellulitis and my MD did a fine needle aspiration of a vaginal cuff seroma. The...
  3. F

    Wiki Inpatient Care Conference

    I have been asked to bill a 99213 (inpatient visit) along with 99358 (prolonged service) and 99359 (prolonged add on). The note reflects a hospital visit and 1 1/2 hour care meeting comprised of time with other providers and a one on one with the mother of the child (patient). Is this correct...
  4. V

    Wiki Is this Case Inpatient or Outpatient?

    A patient is admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath and congestive heart failure. The patient subsequently develops respiratory failure. The patient undergoes intubation with ventilator management. This is just an example of a case that doesn't mention that it is inpatient. This case...
  5. B

    Wiki Inpatient Hospital Coder

    Is it possible to get an inpatient coding position with a CPC credential only? Would my chances be that much better with a CIC certification? I also have several years of physician coding experience.
  6. C

    Wiki New H/P When Inpatient becomes Inpatient Hospice

    Does anyone know if a physician can bill a new admisson if they dictate a new H/P when a inpatient becomes Hospice inpatient??
  7. N

    Wiki ER vs Inpatient E&M code

    Hi everyone! Any help would be appreciated!!! Neurosurgeon is on call. He sees the patient in the ER, but, the patient is admitted the same day. Do I code as an inpatient or do I code the ER consult? I was told that only the ER physician can code ER consults. And, per Medicare of VA, you can no...
  8. kathymoon

    Wiki Inpatient in the office?

    I am getting back into coding and billing after doing auditing for the last 6+ years. Also, new to ENT billing. Here's one I've never come across before. The patient is admitted for a sublingual abscess. The patient was seen in consult by the ENT in his office (which is attached to the...
  9. A

    Wiki Inpatient Coder II Salary Range

    Good Afternoon, I am doing some research on coder salaries and was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing salary ranges for an Inpatient Coder II position. This would be someone who codes BOTH inpatient and outpatient accounts in a facility setting. Thank you!
  10. D

    Wiki ED CODER with SDS and observation experience and Inpatient Coder WANTED ASAP

    WE are in need for these two positions multiple spots available. WE need full-time and part-time coders. Work from home, full benefits. Great company. Trust HCS is the company hiring. Feel free to check them out here at There is a test during the interview process. Please...
  11. M

    Wiki Inpatient vs observation

    I do the insurance appeals for various hospital facilities, I have gotten the following denial several times regarding patients that are originally authorized and admitted as an inpatient but their stay was extended due to continued need for medical treatment. The denial that I will get states...
  12. C

    Wiki Out patient hospital coding assistance

    If a patient is seen by the provider as an op in bed, due to vomiting in pregnancy can we bill an e&m visit from the 99212-99214 level... She is getting treated with us for her ob. Im confused as it does not state inpatient or observation status.
  13. J

    Wiki Aviacode Inpatient Facility Coder (remote)

    Aviacode Inpatient Facility Coder (remote) Aviacode is looking for a handful of experience Inpatient (MS-DRG) coders. This is for a remote Contract-1099 coding position. Responsible for assigning diagnosis and procedure codes to patient charts of moderate to high complexity using ICD-10 CM/PCS...
  14. C

    Wiki Postpartum preeclamsia inpatient visit question ( help)

    We have a patient who was admitted several days after her vaginal delivery for postpartum preeclampsia can we bill the inpatient visit and the sub visits? Thanks,
  15. Y

    Wiki Inpatient Hosptial Follow Up with PCP --HELP!!!

    Hello my coding friends, Will some please help me? What is the CPT code do I assign when someone was released from the hospital (inpatient) and the go the PCP for follow up? Is is just a regular established E&M code? Thanks for your support!!!
  16. N

    Wiki Remote Inpatient and ED Infusion and Injection Coder - CCS, CPC, or CCA

    Remote coding if interested in remote position with CCS, CPC, CCA let me know and 1-2 yrs experience
  17. R

    Wiki DX code for inpatient setting

    Help! I am struggling with what dx code to use when my family practice Dr see's an inpatient who has had a surgical procedure such as TKR, THA, lap chole, etc. He always puts s/p TKR, THA, lap chole etc. He is only seeing patient due to monitoring medical conditions such as DM, hypertension...
  18. T

    Wiki Cigna denying F1220 as admitting dx code

    I work at an inpatient facility for substance abuse and my claims for residential level of care are making it through my clearinghouse, but being blocked by the payer CIGNA stating that the "admitting diagnosis code: invalid for payer." The code DSM 5 Description for F1220 is for Cannabis use...
  19. D

    Wiki RAC/Braces supplied to IP

    We've been RAC'd for knee braces supplied to inpatient's. I know the hospital can't get paid for DME for an inpatient - but shouldn't we be able to be reimbursed? What place of service should have been used? Thanks!
  20. B

    Wiki Rental Beds

    A question has come up from my facility. We rent bariatric beds for the larger patients. Received a recent denial. Does Medicare cover bed rental on Inpatients? Thanks
  21. A

    Wiki Inpatient ICD9

    What is the correct code for this, for inpatient? Patient admitted for low hemoglobin, discharged diagnosis is bleeding ulcer This is just classwork, but so far my answers have been wrong.
  22. D

    Wiki Outpatient VS Inpatient

    Could anyone tell me where I can find the rule where it says you can't treat a patient in the outpatient setting while in the hospital? We have patients that are being transported to our Radiation Oncology facility for therapy without discharging them from the hospital. That way they can then...