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    Question Spermatic Cord Injection of Kenalog

    We are new to urology coding. Not sure if we are lacking the right documentation, or if the code for this is just unclear to us. Do you know what CPT we would report for this? Diagnosis: Testicular Pain Procedure: Spermatic cord injection The patient was brought to the procedure room and...
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    Acne Visit with Injections-PA Derm Office

    Pt was seen for routine monthly acne visit. Dr notes have Acne Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and Acne Scars, same note every month. This particular visit she injected one spot on pt due to its size and location-one spot of the acne. she has an office visit of 99213 and 1 injection of...
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    Wiki Billing Instruction for Kenalog Instruction

    Can some one assist on how to report the HCPCS code J3301 when physician administers 0.5cc of Kenalog 10mg.
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    Wiki CPT code for "flap thinning"

    We have a patient who had MOHS w\nasolabial transposition flap closure done Sept 2015 and is scheduled next week for a "flap thinning" due to thickening of the scar area. The thickening was previously treated with Kenalog. How would this be coded? I have asked the provider for additional...