1. D

    Experienced CPC, CRC (HCC) Seeking Employment in Nashville, TN Area Or Remote

    I have experience with HCC/Risk Adjustment coding and some E/M outpatient coding experience. I'm proficient in ICD-9 and ICD-10 for prospective and retrospective coding. I also have HEDIS extraction experience. I'm seeking a full time position in the Nashville, TN area or a remote position. If...
  2. K

    Need help for CPT

    Hi every one , i am new to coding Need your help for finding CPT for Excision and Electrocauterization of multiple genital warts under local anesthesia measuring 0.3 cm-0.4 cm. I am using 54055. Thanks in Advance Sarith Kalikkot CPC-A
  3. A

    Columbus, Georgia - Comment Here

    Just checking to see if there is anyone from Columbus, Georgia on this thread. Please comment below and advise if you have attended your local AAPC meeting or would like more information about upcoming meetings and events. We are also looking for local speakers for our upcoming meetings. If...
  4. L

    Second career - Where to begin?

    I am working on my second career in medical coding. The first 20+ years of my life have been spent working with wildlife and more recently, in a veterinary setting. I already have a BS degree in forestry and wildlife. I explored medical coding alot as it is a 180 degree change from my first...
  5. Valdezcg

    October 12 is State Coders Day In Texas!

    We have 19 chapters in the state of Texas. I propose we hold a 'get together' on "our" state day! Oct. 12, 2007 falls on a friday, but we could do this on the 13th (saturday). This would give us a chance to meet, greet, and network with our peers. Since the state is so big, we could hold it...