Wiki October 12 is State Coders Day In Texas!


Local Chapter: Dallas Central Chapter (Dallas, TX)
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We have 19 chapters in the state of Texas. I propose we hold a 'get together' on "our" state day! Oct. 12, 2007 falls on a friday, but we could do this on the 13th (saturday). This would give us a chance to meet, greet, and network with our peers. Since the state is so big, we could hold it by regions, (D/FW could hold the North Texas region; San Antonio - the Central Texas region; Houston - the South Texas region). in hopes to include all chapters. You do not necessarily need to be a member of a local chapter to attend, as long as you are a member of the Nat'l AAPC, by attending, this could get you familiar with local chapters just incase you might be interested in joining in the future.
We could look into getting a fairly cheap hotel conference room, or maybe one of the chapters have a large enough monthly meeting place? (a place centralized so people won't have to drive clear across town) We could set up a RSVP so we can get an estimate of how large of a space we would need. This is a day set aside for us, and if we dont take the time to recognize ourselves/careers, then we can not expect others to do so. I would really like to hear your opinion or other suggestions on this. When responding, could you please put the city you are in or the local chapter you are affiliated with, just so we can get a sense of regional interest. thanks, Connie
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