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    Denied Medicaid Claim

    First off, I absolutely hate Medicaid with a passion (lol) I'm located in Michigan and I received a denied claim Adjustment Reason Code 16: Claim/service lacks information or has submission/billing error(s) which is needed for adjudication. Do not use this code for claims attachment(s)/other...
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    Blue Care Network MI

    Can someone try to steer me in the right direction? I am in Michigan and I'm running out of patience with this claim denial. Pt has Blue Care Network, he came in for his Medicare physical, I coded as below: G0439 96127-59 (they don't use G0444) G8510 3288F First, I didn't append the 59...
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    Wiki Billing Software

    My employer is looking to get a new billing software. Please tell me what you use and pros and cons. I will mainly be using it to bill for home visits, nursing home , and inpatient. Thank you in advance. It may matter that we are in Michigan.
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    New CPC-A looking for employment in MI

    I just got my CPC-A (12/31/15) and ready to start my career in medical coding. I am looking for a job in Southeastern lower Michigan and wondering if anyone knows of any jobs available for a CPC-A in the area. Thank you so much for your help! shortband@yahoo.com
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    CPC salary in Northern MI

    Curious as to the average salary of a CPC in northern Michigan at a family practice?
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    64493 dx coding for Medicaid MI UHC

    Medicaid MI UHC, Having trouble getting these paid for MMB, they keep saying dx issue, can anybody please help if you are getting these pd is Michigan ????
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    Wiki Oncology coding audit-Macomb, MI

    I am looking for a certified coder that can audit a hospital owned oncology/hematology practice located in Macomb, Michigan. The audit is expected to last approximately six weeks. You will have access to the charts, Monday-Friday from 8am-4:30pm. If interested, please e-mail me at...