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Canton, MI
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My employer is looking to get a new billing software. Please tell me what you use and pros and cons. I will mainly be using it to bill for home visits, nursing home , and inpatient. Thank you in advance. It may matter that we are in Michigan.
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I now work for a company based in Rochester, NY that has a great EMR and PM system - Health Systems Technology. It doesn't matter that you are in Michigan as we are servicing practices in other parts of the country. In my past billing manager and consultant experience, I have used a lot of other systems and this one is one of the best. It is user friendly and also based in the cloud.
The ICD10 functions are a coders dream and I was very impressed at how easy it is to accurately code the diagnoses.

You could check out the website and if you would like a CD with a demo of the EMR I can send you one.

Sue Kuhn, CPC, COBGC
Billing Manager
Health Systems Technology