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    Question Trigger point injection performed in the home?

    Has anyone had any experience or seen trigger point injections being performed during a home visit? Can these safely be done in the home?
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    Trigger point injection performed in the home?

    Has anyone had any experience or seen trigger point injections being performed during a home visit? Can these safely be done in the home?
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    POS 12 and box 32

    When billing for services provided at place of service- patient's hom (POS 12), what goes in box 32? Do you put the patient's address or provider's office?
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    Help with billing Anthem and Tricare S9494

    I'm hoping someone has an idea what we can do to override a problem we are having between Anthem BCBS and Tricare for Life. We are an infectious disease clinic and many of our patients opt to infuse themselves at home rather than come to the clinic daily. We are not involving a home health...
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    Home chemo infusion on same day as outpatient chemo?

    Do patients ever receive home chemotherapy (S9330) AND outpatient facility chemotherapy on the same day? I'm auditing some claims and seeing a patient receive both on the same day and it seems very odd.
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    Place of Service-Home LMRP Edits

    Does anyone know where I can find LMRP Edits specifically for what place of services are allowed on certain CPT codes. The provider I bill for sees patients in their home, snf, and other facilities. I have been seeing LMRP edit errors for procedures saying "Procedure should not be billed in...
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    Home visit for dialysis

    Does anyone use this code 99512 HOME VISIT FOR HEMODIALYSIS in addition to the dialysis treatment performed in the home?
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    Remote Coding

    I am getting ready to move back home and will be living pretty far out in the country so I am looking for advice on how to become a remote coder/biller from home. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have 7 years experience in the field of coding and billing which includes many different...
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    OB pt w/ elevated BP

    how do you code a patient how came in with elevated BP but the doctor is not calling it gestational hypertension yet. she sent the patient home to do a 24 hour urine test. should I just append the R03.0 elevated BP?
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    Ob billing for midwives and home births

    I have a group I am consulting for and working on credentialing for them. The midwives perform OB care and deliveries (which are primarily home deliveries), they bill globally and for the OB care and delivery. However they hire a birth assistant which is a 1099 contractor to assist at the...
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    Home Health

    Can anyone help me with this? If a patient is being treated with Home Healthcare and the referring physician authorizes and or signs the Plan of Care but it is not filed to insurance and is not timely filing, can we A) still bill for denial or B) can we file for the re-certification even thought...
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    Billing Software

    My employer is looking to get a new billing software. Please tell me what you use and pros and cons. I will mainly be using it to bill for home visits, nursing home , and inpatient. Thank you in advance. It may matter that we are in Michigan.
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    Nursing home billing

    What claim form is used to submit visits for a physician treating patients in a nursing home? Is it the CMS-1500 or the UB-04? He is sending claims as an individual provider to Medicare and Commercial carriers.
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    Home sleep study - I am trying to find out if a doctor's office supplies

    I am trying to find out if a doctor's office supplies home sleep study equipment to a patient to do at home overnight, if the place of service for billing should be office?
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    Can a registered dietician-nutritionist bill for a home visist

    I have been trying to research whether or not our RD can see a patient in his home for a nutrition visit. He is on a feeding tube and has to come into the office on a a stretcher in an ambulette which is difficult and expensive for him. Is there any code we can use for her time and visit that...
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    Code order for home health services

    In home health care services what is coded first E11.612 or Z48.00
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    2016 PQRS for Nursing Home providers

    What measures would you suggest for providers who only see patients in a nursing home setting. These can be mid level or physician providers. Thanks, Sue B
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    In Home Billing by a Physician

    I wanted to get information on In Home Billing by a physician. I have a physician that wants to partner with a hospice company and treat the patients that are unable to leave home. I want to confirm that for a Physician I would use codes 99341-99350. Also, I want to know if the physician...
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    Home HealthCare Physician

    I bill for the Physician (only) side who sees patients through a Home HealthCare Agency. I need help badly to know when to use codes G0180,G0179,G0181, and if or when I can use 99345 for a initial visit. Thanks
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    Home Health Coding & billing questions, HELP!!!

    My physicians want to start billing for home health services. I was told by one of the home health agencies that we could use the recertification forms to bill for a Q0180. Is that correct? :confused: