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    Military spouse remote overseas coding

    Hello all, I have a friend who is CPC certified who had an interesting question that I just didn't know the answer to at all. I was hoping someone could help me out. If her husband is stationed in Italy, Germany, Japan etc. are there any companies that offer remote coding? I assume that the...
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    CPC-A looking for Remote Employment

    Hello, I have 1 year of education experience in medical billing and coding. I am a military spouse who frequently moves around the U.S. I am looking for long term employment where I can continue to learn and grow in the field of coding. Thanks Amanda Moffeit
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    Tricare and lipid panel

    Does anyone know Tricare's guidelines for coverage of a wellness lipid panel? I am seeing several claim denials in regards to the patient's age. The only thing I can find on their site is this "TRICARE covers age specific, periodic lipid panels as recommended by the National Heart, Lung and...