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    Wiki Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

    In the Outpatient Ancillary setting, how would you code a DEXA result in the following circumstances: Provider orders with M81.0 as reason for admit. Report indicates no osteoporosis, but osteopenia is found in one or more sites. Can the physician's diagnosis of osteoporosis and the finding...
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    Wiki Chronic Osteoporosis Fractures

    My osteoporosis specialist will often treat patients who have what he calls "chronic vertebral fractures" caused by osteoporosis. These fractures frequently are very old, but still apparently causing the patient pain. The patient is coming in to receive a Prolia injection and I need an...
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    Wiki Bone Density study with Office visit

    Our physician wants to bill office same day as bone density study, is this ok to do? Here is his note. Patient is here for osteoporosis consultation for bone density done on ????. The report is in the chart, see report for full details. The study was consistent with osteoporosis. The...
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    Wiki Orthopedic Diagnosis coding for Compression Fractures

    We need some guidance, and we also need to know how the choice of codes affects reimbursement. It is very difficult on our older patients with vertebral compression fractures to decide whether they have pathological fractures due to osteoporosis or traumatic fractures. In many cases, the...
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    Wiki "screening labs" help please

    Our patients are getting bills for labs done as part of their physicals. Mostly for Vitamin D. How are you suppose to code for labs other than the Z00.00. Especially if the patient doesn't end up having any of the problems you are testing for. These tests are expensive, how do you know if...
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    Wiki Child under 15 with Osteoporsis

    What ICD-10 code can I use for a child with osteoporosis? M81.0 Age-related osteoporosis without current pathological fracture, is for children over 15 years of age. Much appreciated! I've tried looking extensively and could not find anything online leading to a code. Denise