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    Question How to bill a non-physical visit and pap smear?

    Private payer: Patient presents to family practice on 03/12/2020 to establish care and refill contraceptive prescription. Provider does history (going over side effects of medication), ROS, exam: bills an e/m. Note indicates patient will schedule a physical and pap smear for a future date...
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    Question How to Bill for a Pre-Employment Exam - NOT a Physical

    I am trying to determine how to correctly code for a pre-employment exam and I have been unable to find a clear answer on the forum or in the CPT book. My practice is currently using an e/m level visit (99201-99205, 99211-99215), but this seems incorrect since there is no problem to evaluate and...
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    Yearly Physical Labs

    At my facility, I have a couple providers who like to order their yearly physical labs the week before the physical, so they can review them at the physical. However, there are no diagnoses that would necessarily cover these labs. The patients have no medical issues that I could use and the...
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    Preventive physical exams, Medicare patient

    Hi everyone! Before I continue I want to clarify that this has absolutely nothing to do with the Medicare AWV. This is a hands on, head to toe, physical exam. A patient comes in every year and has the same thing, clearly documented, coded 99396 through age 64. Now this patient is on Medicare...
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    Physical exam

    How many ROS need to be listed for a complete physical exam?
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    new patient help please

    We have a physician that is seeing a patient for the first time from China attending school here. Blue cross ppo. The patient has no problems she only came in to get a Gardasil shot. The doctor spent time with the patient going over problems/history/family history etc. How can this be billed...
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    Physical status modifiers

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    Preventative Visit with E/M

    Under which circumstances could a Preventative Visit/Physical (99396) be billed with a encounter visit such as 99213?
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    Coding Question

    Can someone tell me what does it mean at the end of a chart note when it states "patient was seen in the absence of a Dr.?" The report shows cc, HPI, Physical exam, Procedure, and plan Do I need to bill an E&M code with when it states the patient was seen in absence of a dr?
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    Physical vs New PT visit

    My husband went to the Dr. and I have questions regarding the coding because I am so close to this I wanted the opinion of others before I question the office. Pt called up and requested physical examination due to being new in the area and needed to establish a PCP. Pt received bloodwork and...
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    Dexamethasone patch coding in Physical Therapy

    Does anyone know if there is an appropriate code for the "Dexamethasone patch" they use for iontophoresis in physical therapy?
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    pap smears - medicare code

    I have been getting mixed ideas about pap smear with a physical. Does anyone know if you are allowed to bill the medicare code Q0091 pap smear obtaining with a female physical, some insurances pay it some don't or does anyone use a different code. I am understanding it that a pap is bundled in...