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    Wiki physician privileges??

    Having a conversation with a friend who works for a different company about their P&P's. She believes that ER physicians can perform procedures anywhere in the hospital. It is my understanding it should be laid out in the credentialing/privileging process or med staff bylaws. So I'm just...
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    Wiki Prp rvus

    My provider has started doing PRP injections in the office. We are aware that the insurances do not cover 0232T and therefore we cannot find any work RVUs. Can anyone share with me what work RVUs your physicians are being assigned for this procedure? Please and thank you.
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    Wiki outpatient hospital code for SI joint using ultrasound

    Can anyone tell me if we are to use G0260 if the SI joint injection is using ultrasound for outpatient facilities and ASC? I understand physicians use 20611 but I can not find anything about the hospitals and ASC's.
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    Wiki ED Consult

    One of my physicians did a consult while a patient was in the ED on 01/09/16. Pt was admitted from the ED to IP on 01/10/16. How would I bill for the consult, as an IP or ED?
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    Wiki Professional fee -- for 0266t 0273t

    Hello All, Need your help to find the physician's reimbursement for these two procedures. Thanks, Fami
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    Wiki Incdient II billing and Physical therapy

    I have a question regarding Incident II billing with physical therapy visits for Medicare. My current practice will be merging with another group who has their own PT office. Their PTs are not credentialed with Medicare however the practice that owns them is. The physicians want to bill every PT...
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    Wiki Lactation Consultation

    Hello! I need help with coding an RN certified in Lactation Education. Lately I have been including her services in the E/M and accounting for time along with the physician's assessment. Is there a code I can use for consults for other than physicians and other qualified healthcare...
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    Wiki Billing Coordinatior

    We continue to have questions from our physicians regarding the use of 99211,The latest situation in which the physicians would like to use this code involves vaccines and the administration codes attached, namely 90460,90461 In this situation the parents have requested a "staggered" vaccines...
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    Wiki GC Modifiers

    I'm trying to find information on the use of GC modifiers and Critical Care. Do you use the modifier with CC time since it's documented by the physician and the physician's documentation must meet CC requirements? If so or if not, where can I find the information? Thanks
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    Wiki Locum Tenens and NPI numbers

    I received a notice for a new seminar that stated there was something in the NPI contingency plan whereby NPI numbers for locum tenens physicians have to be reported on claim forms instead of the absent physician's NPI number. I cannot find this information anywhere, has anyone else run across...
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    Wiki Interventional Procedures

    Our vascular physicians have been told that they can bill for attempted angioplasty/stent placement. We have received conflicting information as to whether we can bill for this or not and what modifier is appropriate...52 or 53? Anyone doing this?? Thanks.