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    Help with coding an inpatient stay after a hysterectomy

    Here is a summary of what happened with this patient. She had a TVH and on post op day 10 she was admitted as inpatient for post op fever, nausea vomiting, lack of appetite. She was diagnosed with vaginal cuff cellulitis and my MD did a fine needle aspiration of a vaginal cuff seroma. The...
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    Post op visits after global periods are eliminated

    Supposedly, CMS is eliminating 10 day post op periods in 2017 and the 90 day post op periods in 2018. Does anyone know how we'll bill for post op visits after the global periods are eliminated? I assume we'd use the appropriate 99xxx code but will there be special modifiers to indicate that...
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    Z code post op xray

    If a patient comes in for post op and xray performed, can a Z47.89 aftercare code stand alone or is another code required in conjunction with it?
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    99232 question help

    one of our doctors came into our practice in January and he seen a patient in the hospital for three different days. we are getting a denial that its global pt is in the post op period, we found out that the doctor did surgery on the patient when he was in another practice- not sure how to do...
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    post op care only

    could someone refresh my memory on how we follow the format for post op care only. My provider is caring for a patient after she had a fx hip surgery done at other facility and is now in our office for fu care.
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    Wiki "Extended post-viral bronchial hyperresponsiveness"

    I need help. The patient does not have Asthma and I cannot locate anything that resembles this diagnosis! Can any help me? Would the provider code the symptoms only since it's "post"???
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    insurance change in maternity

    We have a patient who switch insurance first she had 6 visits with first insurance. we billed 59425... with her new insurance she was seen 8 times plus delivery and post partum . can we billed global to her new insurance?
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    Heterotopic Ossification

    Hello, Total Hip Arthroplasty done on 02/17/2015 the patient comes in for a follow up and the diagnosis is: Status post total hip arthroplasty with heterotopic ossification. Since this is out of the Global Period would I just code the Follow up - Z09, Z96.641 - R Hip with an E/M Code or is...
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    Radius Fracture

    We saw a patient who was in the ER where they reduced his radius. When he came into our office the radius was still displaced. The dr had to do a post reduction. Is this billed separately or part of the fracture care? thanks :-)