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Supposedly, CMS is eliminating 10 day post op periods in 2017 and the 90 day post op periods in 2018. Does anyone know how we'll bill for post op visits after the global periods are eliminated? I assume we'd use the appropriate 99xxx code but will there be special modifiers to indicate that these visits were for normal post op care?

Thanks CodingKing. As a provider, my concern was getting the patients to show up for their post op visits if in fact they did have to pay additional copays for those visits. I see that concern was used as one of the arguments to stop the transition to eliminate them.

Tom Cheezum, O.D., CPC
I don't even know how they would assign a fair rate since post op for example Cataract surgery vs Heart Transplant is going to greatly differ based on the complexity of follow-up. With my non Medical background I'd think the post op visits for a transplant would be more more complex and carry more risk than checking up on an eye. At least with the current system you can take that into account when setting the RVU for the procedure
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