1. abhishek03sharma

    Question How can I purchase Practicode or practicum alongwith discount coupon or promo code ? Can anyone suggest me

    I want to purchase Practicode so is there any discount coupon or voucher available? Or how can I avail this coupon code? Please help me
  2. T

    Purchasing Coding Books

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to get some feedback on where you are purchasing your coding books for your offices. Trying to find our books at a reasonable price. I've checked AAPC's pricing, looked at AAFP and OSMA (they don't offer book purchasing). Our current supplier is Optum360 and they...
  3. N

    Practice management book(s)

    I have recently gone from coder to practice manager, and I love the challenge. I purchased the book "Medical Practice Management System" by Linda Nadeau and it has been an invaluable source of knowledge. It has been recommended that I get the book "Secrets of the Best Run Practices" by Judy...
  4. KHH

    Vaccines - I Am Looking For More Info

    I Am Looking For More Info On Coding Vaccines Ex:hpv,zostervax, Etc. Would Love Your Imput On Your Office Practices. We Get Some Immunization From Dhec And We Purchase Some Also. Kathy H. Hardwick- Cpc Aynor Family Practice, Aynor,sc