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Aynor, SC
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I Am Looking For More Info On Coding Vaccines Ex:hpv,zostervax, Etc. Would Love Your Imput On Your Office Practices. We Get Some Immunization From Dhec And We Purchase Some Also.

Kathy H. Hardwick- Cpc
Aynor Family Practice, Aynor,sc
I hope this is of assistance to you.. We code 90649 and 90471 when we give Gardasil for HPV with ICD V05.8. As for the zostavax we code 90736 and 90471 with ICD V04.89. If the patient brings in the medication and we provide just the injection we only code the 90471.
Madeline Hahn, CPC, RMC - Coding & Reimbursement Analysis

Here are two web addresses that I find very helpful. Hope it helps you.

For Zostavax - CPT=90736 ICD-9=V05.8
For Gardasil CPT=90649 & ICD-9=V05.8

American Academy of Pediatrics-this gives CPT code, description, manufacture, Brand name and ICD-9 code.

Administration code(s) would depend on how may vaccines were given on that day (90471-90472) and if the physician counsels the family we would use 90465-90468.

There is also an adm code for those vaccines given intranasal or oral route (90473-70474).

If the patient would bring their on vaccine we would also just bill the administration code.

Hope this helps