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    Wiki Advance Care Planning - Is anyone out there reporting

    Hi, Is anyone out there reporting either of the 2 new CPT's for advance care planning (99497; 99498)? CMS doesn't have allowables listed for either code so I'm assuming they're for date collection purposes & will not be reimbursed if reported. I'd like our physicians to get into the habit of...
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    Wiki J2201 please help

    Hi im new to coding for orthopedic and they are billed J2201 (lidocaine) they of course are not getting paid, should this not be reported or don't bother, Thank you Laura
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    Wiki 58572/58660

    When coding 58572, is lysis of adhesions bundled in this or can you also report 58660 with modifier 51? Or should 58572 be reported with modifier 22? It does not say that 58572 cannot be reported with 58660. I am just confusing myself with the more I read.....