1. A

    Wiki Difference between Independent Clinic (POS 49) vs Office place of service (POS 11)

    Can someone help me in explaining what is the difference between independent clinic (POS 49) and Office ( POS 11) as well as the scope of practice and types of services offered in both?
  2. A

    Wiki coding scopes with open procedures

    Hello all, I would realllyyy like to be able to have a experienced ENT coder to network with or several. I have a few questions regarding when you can code a diagnostic scope with open procedures? I understand the concept of the provider using a scope to survey to area prior to a procedure is...
  3. J

    Wiki ENT coding: nasopharyngeal mass excision via scope

    A surgeon is disputing our procedural coding on the following operation. I'd like to check our work and if correct, find some official source that may help explain to him why we've chosen the code we did. We selected 30999 unlisted procedure, nose because there is no code describing a nasal mass...
  4. M

    Wiki New to ENT. Lots of Questions re: when to bill E/M with a scope

    Hi. I'm new to ENT coding and I have several questions that I hope you can help me with. First when the doctor does a laryngoscopy in the office, how do you count this in the data complexity part of the audit sheet? I'm thinking that he should get a point in the medicine part-- The same line...
  5. C

    Wiki DL with Rigid Bronchoscopy

    Two questions: When a physician states pre/postoperative diagnosis of "Failure to extubate", all the literature I read states the physician should indicate the reason for the failure and that should be the diagnosis. What are your thoughts? I have a practice that completes DL and Rigid...
  6. JWash618

    Wiki Guidelines-location-ASA

    I have a doctor that is wanting to code a sigmoid resection as an upper abdomen procedure because he made the incision for the laparascope above the umbilicus. I have been asked to find documentation that states that we do not code to the sight of the scope, but to the site the procedure was...