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    Wiki MSSA Bacteremia

    Do you code both the organism and bacteremia when coding MSSA Bacteremia? The patient is not septic nor there is an infectious process going on. ICD-9 Coding Clinic stated that an additional code for the organism should be coded separately since the ICD-9-CM code for bacteremia has an...
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    Wiki Sepsis resolved inpatient profee

    If sepsis is documented as resolved in the A/P on a patient who is still in the hosptial and the patient is no longer on antibiotics for it would you still code it if it was the reason for admission?
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    Wiki Sepsis Coding as Principal

    Hi. I am wondering if anyone can explain the flow of coding when it comes to sepsis cases. I want to know on what situations will the sepsis codes A40.0 - A41.9 be coded as principal? We are having doubts on whether these codes will be accepted as principal codes by different payers. Thank you.
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    Wiki sepsis with BKA amputation

    sepsis can anyone help out coding sepsis with recent amputation infection? thanks,
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    Wiki New Definition for Sepsis and Septic Shock

    In February 2016, the AMA published the new definitions for sepsis and septic shock based on the "Third International Consensus Definitions for Sepsis and Septic Shock (Sepsis 3)". In summary, this is what it states Septicemia is the same as sepsis SIRS was removed from sepsis Sepsis is now...
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    Wiki Help with Sepsis Proteus Mirabilis Due To UTI

    I do not know how to code for sepsis Proteus Mirabilis due to a UTI. How do I code for this??? I did look up some codes in the ICD-10-CM book, but all I could find for Proteus Mirabilis was B96.4. This code does not include the sepsis. I am so confused because Proteus Mirabilis is a...
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    Wiki Sepsis coding

    Here is my example pt with Sepsis and BSI ecoli, . My question since the BSI is in the excludes 1 (cant code it with Sepsis) should the Sepsis now be coded as A41.50 Sepsis due to ecoli or should I code it A41.9 B96.29 Thanks Mary
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    Wiki Code First note

    Hello, If a dx has a code first note but none of the code first dx's listed apply to the pt can this dx still be used? ex: sepsis A41 other sepsis states code first postprocedural streptococcal sepsis streptococcal sepsis during labor streptococcal sepsis following abortion etc, etc. none of...