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    Wiki Understanding sequencing diagnosis codes with causal relationships

    Hi, I'm not a new coder, but I have really been studying the guidelines to ensure that I have a good understanding on code sequencing. I thought it might be a good idea to get a refresher on some common scenarios I see at work. I might be overthinking this so I'm really just looking for some...
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    Wiki Sequencing

    I just want to clarify something because I'm not sure if this is the correct thing to do. I work for a specialty (cardiology) and I was told by someone higher up to only code that specialty dx's. However, sometimes a pt has renal failure or resp failure which does attribute to why the pt is...
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    Wiki Sequencing. Help! actually just HELP!!!

    I had a bill kicked back from Aetna for dx codes. I have PSC as my primary and the doc wanted this attached with liver transplant recipient, as well as UC and jaundice. I only have 4 dx available to me with the current system. I keep finding that I want to code T86.49- other complication of...
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    Wiki Dx Coding for Hydrocephalus Patients

    After reviewing below scenario, how would you code and sequence the diagnoses? - Would you code the symptoms first and then the hydrocephalus (headache-R51, nausea-R11.0, hydrocephalus-Q03.9)? Or instead of coding the hydrocephalus, code the presence of the CSF shunt (R51, R11.0, Z98.2)...
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    Wiki Z code sequencing

    Hello, I'm a coder for a diagnostic lab facility that specializes in cardiovascular and endocrine disease prevention. On our test requisition forms physicians are required to check off codes we have listed as indicators, or they may write in codes that are not pre listed on the form. I am only...
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    Wiki Z code sequencing

    in the use of z codes, I do understand there are some that are first position, and it certainly depends on the documentation. in ICD-9, V codes, unless in first position, went after regular codes, and before E codes, in my experience and understanding. So, I am trying to find a definitive...
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    Wiki Inpatient & ER Coding Guidelines

    Hello Fellow Members, I'm John and I have a question regarding "Code Sequencing Per The Encounter." Similiar to the instructions provided in most ICD-9 Code Books, where could I find the same guidelines for Inpatient & ER scenarios. Also, would you all know if there happens to be any study...
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    Wiki Ecode Sequencing

    Anyone know the proper use of Ecode sequencing? For example, a pt was seen for an injury, plus documented coccyx pain, would the sequencing be.. xxx.xx E-code 724.79 OR xxx.xx 724.79 E-code