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    Staph infection at specified site?

    I can't find a code for staph infection at specified site. The one I find, A49.01, says of unspecified site. I may be going about the coding of this incorrectly. Help! Provider describes area on forehead, just below hairline, where pt has a bump and crusted area. Dx: Staph infection of skin...
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    Wound Care

    Does anyone know if codes 97605 and 11042 can be billed together for the same dos and same site? Thanks!
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    Gastroduodenitis K29.90

    Would like some feed back on when to properly code Gastroduodenitis K29.90. Does the site of the inflammation need to be continuous from the stomach to the duodenum? Can the site of the inflammation be any where in the stomach and any where in the duodenum? Any feed back is appreciated...
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    96372 Injection

    We have a patient with this request: Dilaudid as 1 injection (Site: L upper arm), Promethazine as 1 injection (Site: L hip), Toradol, dexamethasone, and Diphenhydramine as 1 mixed injection (Site: R hip) Normally, the doctor would mix all of the above medications and give 1 injection into the...
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    Interim EMR solution

    We are currently an Epic user, EMR and professional billing. We are expanding to another site, which will not be on Epic for another 18 months to 2 years. We'd prefer to not remain on paper at this site. I'm interested in suggestions for an interim solution. Some type of anesthesia record...
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    Has anyone had any experience billing Gazyza? It's a 1,000mg vial-day 1 100mg and day 2 900mg. Trying to find info on CMS site.
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    Coding of unknown primary neoplasm site

    Hi! Need a quick answer before my class tomorrow. In the below case, would you still code an unknown primary site? Metastasis to Zuckerkandl's organ. The answer in the text book provided for the unknown primary site, despite having no mention of the primary site. Can you help me come up...
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    Psoas Hematoma

    Hello forum, I'm having difficulty assigning an ICD-10 code to psoas hematoma. When I go to hematoma ---> muscle, it directs me to go to site under contusion. What site is psoas muscle considered? Appreciate any help!
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    Sclerotherapy question

    01/14/16 Guys, How would you code this one? FINDINGS: An US of the left elbow lymphatic malformation was performed, showing multiple anechoic structures which are easily compressible. A suitable access site for needle placement was identified and the skin marked. The left elbow was prepared and...
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    Can someone direct me to some documentation that tells what the place of service should be when billing for the "distant" site? I have not found anything on CMS or WPS websites that actually covers this.
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    July 2007 CPT Updates

    Hello Everyone~ Where may I locate the official release of new/revised CPT codes effective July 01, 2007? I have searched the AMA site without success. :confused: Thanks in advance.
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    Forums on web site

    I think this is a good idea!