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FINDINGS: An US of the left elbow lymphatic malformation was
performed, showing multiple anechoic structures which are easily
compressible. A suitable access site for needle placement was
identified and the skin marked. The left elbow was prepared and
draped in the usual sterile fashion. Using ultrasound guidance a
21G micropuncture needle was advanced into the cystic portion of
the malformation and 40mg of Doxycycline in 4ml of saline was
instilled via the catheter. The catheter was attached to bulb
suction and is to be drained in 6hours with bulb suction
activated. The child resolved spontaneously and left the IR
suite in stable condition.
Four sights were injected at the left elbow lymphatic
Site 1: 1 mL doxycycline mixture
Site 2: 1 mL doxycycline mixture
Site 3: 1 mL doxycycline mixture
Site 4: 1 mL doxycycline mixture
Permanent ultrasound and fluoroscopy images were obtained and
stored in the PACS system.
Successful 4 site direct injection of Doxycycline
sclerotherapy into left elbow lymphatic malformation using
fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance.