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    Wiki Testing codes psychiatry/psychology

    Can psychiatry bill testing codes, 96116, 96138/96139? or only by psychology?
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    Wiki Practicode Cases E/M

    Hello eveyone, hopefully someone can help me with this. I've been mostly experienced with Orthopedic Coding for the past 3 years and im trying to branch out. I wanted to find some training that wasnt expensive, so i purchased an E/M module from AAPC for 50 bucks. It has 20 cases to code, I...
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    Wiki Tech Testing

    Hello - A patient comes in for testing with a technician ordered by Dr. B. Dr. B does not review the results until the patients appointment a few days later, can you bill globally for the test on the day the test was administered? Or do you have to bill with a TC modifier on the day of testing...
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    Wiki E&M with Allergy Testing Coding

    Our Allergists have historically charged their visits in the following way: 1st Visit- Consult or New Patient E&M 2nd Visit- Est E&M w/ mod-25 and Percutaneous Scratch Testing The day of the testing is what is now being questioned. We are being told that we cannot charge an E&M level with a...
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    Wiki Independent Laboratory Billing Place of service code

    Hello! We are an independent lab running lcms(80307) and definitive(G0480-G0483) billing for urine collected at the facility the patient is receiving care from and sent to us. United Healthcare (UHC) just started denying our claims for box 24B and box 32. We have always billed with POS 81 in box...
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    Wiki physician assistant as referring or use her supervising physician for audiology

    Requesting some help on physician assistant billing and compliance. The physician assistant is filing under her own information for a evaluation and management visit because her supervising physician is out of the office. She sees a new patient and determines they need audiological testing. The...
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    Wiki Psychological Testing

    My Doctor just met the patient 90791, Can I also use 90785 as the visit was 1 1/2 hours. During this time she also did testing and some interpretation. She met with the patient again for another hour and also wrote an evaluation(4 hours) for his court appearance. I am so confused on how to code...
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    Wiki CPT code for Rast Testing

    What is the CPT code for Rast Food Testing (Lab Work) or a Peanut Panel
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    Wiki Nerve conduction tests. 95885

    I have a question 95885 when dr. performs this on both sides would I bill 95885 with 2 units, or Lt and RT I am not sure I am new to this kind of testing thank you
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    Wiki 33210 vs 33207-52 vs 33999

    Please see report below. This is the first time we have run across this procedure in our practice and I want to be sure that we get it coded correctly. "After the patient and site of implantation were prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion and after adequate anesthesia was given, the...
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    Wiki STD testing after traveling outside the United States

    What diagnosis code would you use when a patient wants STD testing after traveling outside the United States to a country where STD risk is high?
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    Wiki Cpt 96103 - Clinical Social Worker

    We are a Pain Management clinic(private physician practice) and recently hired a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. However, I have a question about billing for her psych testing. She wanted to bill a 96103 for her psych testing, but I told her she could not because the test is not administered...
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    Wiki Cpt 96103

    We recently hired a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. However, I have a question about billing for her psych testing. She wanted to bill a 96103 for her psych testing, but I told her she could not because the test is not administered by a computer. She told me it was the same type of test...
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    Wiki Allergy to Lidocaine testing

    I believe that I use 95018 for the drug allergy testing and list the number of tests performed. The doctor believes it is acceptable to bill 95180 with a time unit because the testing was done of a period of time with increasing dosages of Lidocaine. Finally, he ordered 2mg of Lidocaine for the...
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    Wiki CPT Code for Modified BPP

    I am seeking the best code for a Modified Biophysical Profile w/Non Stress testing - This is testing only for 2 of the 5 components 76818-52 ??? 76815 w/ 59025 ??? (but this is not a BPP) Can anyone help me with this request?
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    Wiki IDTF Billing

    I am looking for someone with whom I can discuss billing for an independent diagnostic testing facility. Needed ASAP. Thanks!
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    Wiki Humana denying any OV billed with any testing or vaccines at the same visit

    Did anyone else start receiving denials for O.V mid December anytime it was billed with any vaccine or testing ( 87880,86308, ect) ? We are pediatrics...and yes we are billing with the correct modifiers. Its across the board, not even plan specific within Humana. I'm reaching out to my Humana...
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    Wiki How to code an open ERCB testing

    Does anyone know how to code an open ERCB testing, this patient has tetraplegia and they are discussing doing a transfer, but they want to check out the functionality of the ERCB first.
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    Wiki Drug Testing Coding

    Hello All- I am completely new to pain management, other than coding for epidural injections. We recently hired a Pain Management doctor and he started doing in office drug testing with "point of care" cups. I am not entirely sure how to bill them, the rep said we can bill medicare with code...
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    Wiki ICD-10 Testing

    Hello Fellow Members, Does anyone know how soon ICD-10 testing would be available for currently certified members? John A.,CPC Illinois