1. J

    Does treatment of COVID-19 with non-EUA drugs disqualify a hospital from receiving CARES Act or ARPA Subsidies

    I'm hearing rumors that hospitals have almost universally stuck with remdesivir to treat COVID-19, in spite of some doctors' preference for other approaches, because they fear losing subsidies if they use something else (e.g., ivermectin). It is my understanding that the CARES Act and ARPA...
  2. K

    Wiki Drug therapy requiring monitoring for ongoing treatments

    So I have mixed thoughts on the MDM area for what can qualify as drug therapy requiring monitoring. I know the guidelines of what drugs qualify, however what about patients that are on radiation therapy or chemotherapy and we are continuing the same treatment with no changes. Does this still...
  3. T

    Need advice on dealing with Mental Health providers

    Hi I really need some advice on what I should do in this situation. I code for all the mental health providers in my practice. There is one in particular who seems to end up having cases where the patient was abused in the past. Unfortunately one of these patients is a still a child. When I...
  4. R

    United Healthcare PHP is now IP?

    Im finding from VOBs lately that no matter the home plan, UHC is coming back saying PHP is considered Inpatient treatment, and if the facility is licensed as out patient,PHP is not covered. Is anyone else running into this lately?
  5. S

    Burn care

    If Patient came with second degree or third degree, But physician provides the treatment of first degree, can we capture 16000.
  6. S

    Radiation Treatment Planning

    My Neurosurgeon did therapeutic radiology treatment planning with a Radiation Oncologist (different tax ID's). He won't be doing Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Can I bill CPT 77263 for his treatment planning? I'm very new at this and would appreciate any suggestions.
  7. D

    Documentation Plan of Treatment

    In the assessment, the physician documents DM type II with periph Circ manifestations and peripheral angiopathy in disease and for treatment, he indicates continue with diet and no change. He does not address either in the review of systems or in the PMH, patient is not on meds for either, and...
  8. O

    Nebulizer Treatments

    Are medical assistants able to provide neb treatments and if so would the billing and payment for administering the neb treatment be the same amount as if a Respiratory Therapist administered the treatment in the outpatient dept? All answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  9. L

    A vs. D for wound care

    Wound care clinic. For a debridement, skin graft, or negative pressure wound treatment, what would be the appropriate 7th character be... A or D? I think it would be A because it is active treatment. Does anyone else have thoughts. What defines as "active treatment."
  10. J

    Z86.79 - Duration of previous Diagnosis?

    Hello! Please, we're a little stumped on this one. A "personal history of" code explains a diagnosis that a. no longer exists and b. the patient is not getting any treatment for BUT c. could reoccur and therefore requires monitoring. Is there a rule on how much time has to pass before a...
  11. aimeeread

    Z51.11 - to drop or not to drop...

    Hello, I have a question as to whether or not you drop the Z code while the patient isn't receiving treatment... For example, if a patient is admitted on 1/1 for induction of chemotherapy, finishes treatment on 1/8, remains in the hospital and has repeat biopsy on 1/14, repeat biopsy shows...
  12. L

    Help please! CPT 27508

    If anyone could please give me some direction on CPT 27508, (Closed treatment of femoral fracture, distal end, medial or lateral condyle, without manipulation). What does "closed treatment" entail? I can't find clear information to describe what closed treatment without manipulation includes...
  13. T

    Comliance/billing for oncology

    I am new to oncology and questioning if a NPP can supervise chemo tx (96413) when the MD is not in the facility? Could we employee a FP cover this treatment wondering of there are board certification requirements for this treatment? thanks
  14. A

    Z code followup after orthopedic care treatment is

    Patient comes in for follow up no complaints for Total knee replacement. It has been almost a year. I think you use dx Z09 for the visit the problem he performs x-rays on the knee. I stumped on what dx code can I pair with x-ray Do I take previous dx from older notes? 73560 ? 73565...
  15. S

    7th Character "A" and "D" HELP!!

    I would like to get some clarification on the use of ICD-10's 7th character "A" and "D". Its pretty self explanatory when a patient presents in the Emergency room or when an initial surgery is performed, the 7th character is "A" because they are receiving active treatment. What about in the...