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    UB04 box 76 OP facility claim

    We are an outpatient facility billing for IOP on UB04 claims. The counselors there do not have NPI's so we've always billed with our medical directors name and billing NPI. Is this accurate? Should we bill with the LADC provider name and facility NPI or is either correct? I was taught to bill...
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    NUBC and Occurrence Code 42 for Home Health Discharge Claims UB04

    Does anyone know about using Occurrence Code 42 in UB04 Field Locator 31 for discharge (321 or 324 type of bills) and if that is still a rule for Home Health? (I know it changed for Hospice in 2012). Thanks!
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    Physical Therapy UB04 Billing Denial

    Hi all, Could definitely use some help with sudden rejections we're getting from billing secondaries to BCBS for Medicare patients. We always used UB04 forms and got paid, but now we're getting denial letters with "INVALID BILL TYPE" checked off. We've tried calling BCBS and they have been zero...
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    Hello everyone, In what instance would you bill CPT codes on a UB04? I've never done this and it doesn't seem normal. Also, what is the difference between billing on a UB04 VS a CMS1500? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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    Substance Abuse Facility

    Hello everyone, I had a few questions regarding HCPCS and TOB. Does anyone have experience billing HCPCS code S0201 or H0035? When checking the HCPCS manual, H0035 is mental health oriented but I've heard many substance abuse facilities are using this code regardless. The HCPCS book says...
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    When V30 is not pat of the Dx coding on a UB

    WE have an IP bill where the Admit code is V30.00, admit day is birthdate of patient, but the Dx fields omit the V30.00 and only list 761.8 and 762.5. What do you think the hospital trying to tell us? That the baby was born in a different hospital? or is this a simple error on their part...
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    UBO4 and Medicare Part A, PT & OT Billing

    Looking for guidance in enrollment, set-up and options for UB04 and Medicare Part A billing for physical and occupational therapy facility. Please reply with credentials to humanresources@colxitmd.com.