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    icd 10 for "mixed flora"

    With regard to UTIs (N39.0), I'm looking to code the cause of the infection for cultures that come back as only "mixed flora." The index leads me to A49.8 Other bacterial infections of unspecified site. Per the tabular index, A49 excludes "bacterial agents as the cause of diseases classified...
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    Lab with R30.0 but comes back + for UTI and encounter has N39.0

    Our providers are doing the urine dip order with a symptom such as R30.0. When the dip comes back positive and the provider states UTI in the encounter, do we use N39.0 for the encounter and change the lab to match, or add the symptom diagnosis to the claim along with N39.0 in order to cover...
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    Urinary tract infection and Symptoms - Nausea/Vomiting

    Hi All, Can anyone here let me know whether we can code nausea and vomiting along with Urinary tract infection(Unspecified). ICD-10 CM guidelines states signs and symptoms cannot be coded with integral part of disease condition. Is it applicable to unspecified urinary tract infection? Where...
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    Wiki Help with Sepsis Proteus Mirabilis Due To UTI

    I do not know how to code for sepsis Proteus Mirabilis due to a UTI. How do I code for this??? I did look up some codes in the ICD-10-CM book, but all I could find for Proteus Mirabilis was B96.4. This code does not include the sepsis. I am so confused because Proteus Mirabilis is a...
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    coding from urine culture ?

    For outpt facility clinic visits, can I code results from the urine culture? The dr saw the pt for dysuria, diagnosed uti and ordered culture, but he did not comment on the results..... The results showed E Coli.
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    Uti - If a patient has urinary

    If a patient has urinary symptoms, Doc does dip stick. Rx antibiotic. Culture pending. Provider documents UTI and codes : N39.0 no bacteria identified Is this coded as signs and symptoms until culture results?
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    Wiki UTI ; Threatened Abortion

    The Dr. gave diagnosis of: -UTI -Threatened Abortion Is it alright to code it 637.70 Abortion, unspecified as to completion or legality, with other specified complications ? Because in the index i found "infection -> urinary (tract) -> with -> abortion" and it says "see Abortion, by type, with...