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    ICD-10 Wellness Code Advice Needed

    In Chiropractic and PT, many patients elect to continue care, paying out of pocket and most often, providers are directed to use HCPCS code S8990 to describe that service. We have always been counseled to use one of the following, non-payable, generic ICD-10 code: Z00.00 "encounter for general...
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    Tricare and lipid panel

    Does anyone know Tricare's guidelines for coverage of a wellness lipid panel? I am seeing several claim denials in regards to the patient's age. The only thing I can find on their site is this "TRICARE covers age specific, periodic lipid panels as recommended by the National Heart, Lung and...
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    Wellness exams

    Does anyone have any good resources and examples to describe wellness vs sick visits. Thank you.