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How do you code for a 15770 bilateral? I am not allowed to use RT & LT nor can I use - 50. When I code this as two line items, I always get a rejection as a duplicate code. I would appreciate any advise.
was the graft applied to 2 separate areas? if so you use a 59 on the second line. A procedure note would really help to determine if a modifier is truely appropriate.
Thanks for your reply!
Note: Graft was obtained from the anterior abdomen using 2 previously open incisions. These had been utilized for ovarian removal in the patient. A total of 75 mL of this lipo infiltrate was placed micro-graft tunnel technique through the vectors. In the right medial lower breast, the inframammary breast, the lateral breast, the axilla, and the superior breast all on the right. A total of 35 mL was infiltrated over the upper medial left breast in order to obtain symmetry.