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Good morning...I am a CPC-A who is working my first coding/billing job.
Trying to decide if I need to add the Current Procedural Coding Expert book to my other books that I need for this job. I code for a Physicians Billing Dept., Outpatient Hospital.
Any help would be the way, it is on sale right now!!
I would not get this book, it is the Ingenix version of CPT codes, I think you are much better off with the AMA CPT book professional edition. JMO
I use the Current procedural coding expert as well as the CPT. CPT and ICD-9 are my ultimate guides of course, but this book has information not in the CPT. For instance, the RVU's are listed, globals days are listed, there is also other information handy for coders. Granted all this information is available for free on the internet, but it's very convenient for me to have the current book at my hand. But, this is just a personal preference of mine. Best of luck!