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Can any one provied me a link where I can find detailed information on the use of 99211. the guidelines in the CPT book is not very detail to what I need to know. I want to know if a patient comes in as a new patient and only see a nurse will you still use 99211 if they are a new pt? Do you use 99211 for an NP? If the patient comes in to see a nurse and a nurse is not avalible so a NP or a physician see the pt do you still code 99211?
This code description is for an established patient, and would not be appropriate for a new patient. This code also states "may not require" the presence of a physician (or NP) so it could be used if the documentation supports this lowest level of service.

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If a patients first visit to a new practice is with a nurse, then yes you would bill 99211. The New Patient E/M service would be used when they have their first encounter with a physician.

Why is NEW patient only seeing nurse?

Why would a new patient come in just to see the nurse? Is this possibly a pre-first-visit where labs are drawn? In that case, you shouldn't bill any E/M service at all but only the labs/etc that are performed that date.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC