AAPC EMR Pilot Program

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Calling all current and future EMR users,

Here at the AAPC, we are moving forward with an effort to get more involved with the EMR movement to help prepare our members and the healthcare community as a whole for what lies ahead with EMR implementations and increased usage. Based on this forum participation, it appears we have a great little community of EMR experts, users, and information-seekers. We are seeking your help to formalize our efforts. If you would like to get involved, here are some questions we need your feedback on. If you don't feel comfortable posting to the forum, please contact me directly at dan.fellars@aapc.com .

If your practice currently utilizes an EMR, please answer these questions:

  • What EMR do you currently use?
  • Does your EMR support customizable templates? Does your practice use any customized templates unique to them?
  • Would your practice be interesting in participating in a free pilot program in which we work with you to create custom templates? (You provide the use case, we provide the solution; we can only accept a limited number of participants in this free pilot, so respond quickly if interested)
  • Are you satisfied with the level of training and support provided by your vendor?
    Beyond your actual vendor, where do you go for training?

If your practice currently DOES NOT YET utilizes an EMR, answer these questions:
  • How far along is your practice in the selection process? When do you plan to implement an EMR?
  • Is your practice using a 3rd party consultant to assist in selection process?
  • Would your practice be interested in participating in a pilot program with AAPC to help facilitate the selection process?

Looking forward to these exciting times.