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    2021 E/M Documentation Changes - What are your EHR vendors saying

    Good afternoon AAPC members. I am working to find out if anyone out there is in discussion yet with your EHR Vendor about the changes for 2021 E/Ms. If so, would you mind sharing the name of your EHR Vendor and their level of preparations? Thank you!! Carol J. Self, CPPM, CPC, EMT AAFP
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    Timiah Covington Resume

    Clinical System Trainer: Provide training on new functionality, new builds, and new modules of DoD EMR/EHR in the direction of the medical group leadership. Develop site-specific course materials and training plans. Document all users' training and daily contacts with copies to site lead...
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    EHR Training

    I'm on the job market, and I have been told by more than one employer that I interviewed with that the reason I was passed over was because I lack training and/or experience with electronic health records. Would anyone in this forum be able to recommend any sort of training program that I could...
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    Finally getting EHR now which one?

    Our small Orthopedic surgery clinic is finally taking the plunge in 2019! So excited. So now we are trying to find the right software for us. We have 8 Surgeons each with their own sub specialty. We offer clinics in three locations, and operate in three different facilities. Our doctors...
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    Does anyone out there use Celerity for their EHR & billing? Also is there anyone that uses it for residential services and office visit professional services? What are your thoughts? Any helpful hints? What issues do you have? What clearinghouse do you use with Celerity?
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    EMR/EHR documentation

    Our providers have started using canned text for PFSH. We are not sure why but are questioning the validity of this text. "Past medical, surgical, and family histories reviewed for relevance to current acute and chronic problems." We clinic coders do not feel this is sufficient documentation...
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    EMR/EHR loophole?

    My Physicians wife has come to me asking me to research loopholes of anyone that DOES NOT have to opperate with an Electronic Record, in other words they are wanting to go back to paper charts. Does anyone have a link as to where I can find something showing them in black and white there is no...
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    EHR for Pain Management Practice

    Hi All, I work at a pain practice and the physician mainly does nerve blocks under ultrasound guidance and trigger point injections. We are looking for an EMR...FINALLY! :D Could you recommend systems for pain in particular? Thanks very much, Heather
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    Changing the date of a letter in EHR

    Hi, We will use a dictated consult letter to charge for office visits. A lot of the time when the doctor dictates these he/she will not state the actual date that the patient was seen. Transcription is entering the date of the letter with the date of dictation. By the time we see these in the...
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    Sequencing of CPT codes

    I know it has always been an understood rule that your procedure code or office visit goes first and you go be RVU highest to lowest. I would like to know if there is any documentation stating your office visit E&M should go first. We have a new EHR system and it pulls the office visit to the...
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    Blood Pressure Check - Level 1 Office Visit

    For patient that would come in per a providers order for a blood pressure check, we charge a level one office visit. The nurse input notes in the EHR system with the reading. Now I am told we are not longer going to bill for this service. The nurses are still going to input notes into the EHR...
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    Medical Mastermind classic billing software and anesthesia billing

    At the Ambulatory surgical facility where I work, we are experiencing problems when billing for anethesia services to Medical Assistance and Other Medicaid MCOs. Our anesthesia time minutes are being overwritten to be one minute regardless of the anesthesia time we input in our billing software...
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    Success with Batch Attestation Upload Option for EPs??

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has had success with the Batch Attestation Upload option for EPs on the CMS EHR website, and can advise as to how it's done for a group of EPs? The option went live last year, but the only instructions CMS has uses an EH as an example. I've called the EHR...
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    99213 vs 99214 dispute

    Im having a dispute concerning 99213 vs 99214 with a docter i work for. I code on an EHR system and he will not sign off on my codes because he does not believe im correct. I refuse to down code for fear of being audited and charged with fraud. The problem is that the patient comes in for an...
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    AAPC EMR Pilot Program

    Calling all current and future EMR users, Here at the AAPC, we are moving forward with an effort to get more involved with the EMR movement to help prepare our members and the healthcare community as a whole for what lies ahead with EMR implementations and increased usage. Based on this forum...