Abandoned ICD lead with Dual chamber pacemaker and leads removal

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Can someone advise if we are able to code for the abandoned ICD lead removal separately or if would be included with the PM lead extraction code.(33235) I appreciate the assistance.

Dual chamber PM in situ with abandoned ICD lead codes requested.Thank you.

I don't have my code book with me. I understand we would code for the PM generator removal & the 33235 for the leads but am not certain if we would use the ICD lead(s) removal code in this case.
Appreciate the assistance!

JB. CPC :confused:

33235 Removal of transvenous pacemaker electrode(s); dual lead system.

The description of 33235 is electrode(s) so if your removing one or two leads you would only bill 33235 once. removing the abandoned lead is included with 33235.