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which code(s) are used for an ACL reconstruction,allograft bone-tendon-bone? also if it is an ACL w/autograft is it appropriate to use 29888 w/ 20902? hope someone can help. thanks.
ACL repair

If it is an autograft and they go to a totally different sight, like the other leg or achelis, you can use the 20924-59. But if they take it right there like from the gracilis you can't bill for that. As for allograft, I have used the HCPCS C1713 and have been paid. I'm sure there's a better code out there for this, and I'm looking for that. So if anyone out there reads this and knows the answer, please let us know.
I use C1762 for the allograft for the ACL as C1713 is for screws and anchors and is usually billed in conjuction since they use those too.
29888 and 29889 include both limited and major synovectomy, incidental shaving/debridement of articular cartilage, "notch plasty", AND HARVESTING OF TENDON (Hamstring, patellar) GRAFTS.
So, I would not bill the 20902. Nor would I bill for the C1762 and other C-HCPCS codes unless we supplied the screws and anchors. In fact, I have never billed them as I bill for the Surgeon and he did not supply them.