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Hi....I would think that it would be considered an "implant" because I've read and seen articles on "acl implant failure". I've not seen any reference to an "acl supply...". Also, I've read things like "....the allograft was implanted...", which, again, sounds like "implant", don't you think? Just a thought...Good Luck!
I always thought the ACL was apart of the knee (anterior cruciate ligament)??? I would imagine that you could have implants that apply to this part of the knee as well as supplies for it. In what context is it being used in?
I code for several ASCs so I do a lot of these. If the patient has a torn ACL and the physician does an ACL autograft (patellar tendon or semitendinous/gracilis from the patient) then the facility does not get to code either supply or implant. If the patient has an allograft, then we bill
L8699 as an implant. You cannot bill the 20924 if the autograft is from the patella on the same knee. We do, however, bill the 20924 if the semitendinous/gracilis is used since it is a separate incision at a distance from the surgery. This is controversial as some will tell you it isn't far enough to code.
If there is an allograft used, it should certainly be billed as an implant. We manage several ASC's that use an allograft for the ACL repair and get reimbursed from most insurance companies.
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I also code for many ASC's. We use C1762 IF its an allograft along with the
C1713 for the screws/anchors used for the attachment of the graft.
In my experience, it is an implant wether autograft or allograft.
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Footnote: Marge you are correct, my apologies.
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Just a note: The AAOS's Global Service Data states "harvesting and insertion of fascial, tendon, or bone graft" are included with 29888. Marge