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69424, but if new tubes are put in after the removal of the old ones it is 69436 which includes the removal..also if it is just a removal and any patches are used, don't forget to code them..Hope this helps

It really depends on what else the Dr. does.

Will the tubes be removed under general anesthesia or without. Gen'l is coded 69424, but if there is a paper patch, don't forget to also code that or if new tubes are put in then the removal is included. If no anesthesia, you could possibly code as 69210 a foreign body. I really depends on what the Dr. does after the tube removal and why it is being removed. Hope this helps..

I work ENT;)
thank you all for your response. I am coding 69424 and 69610 for the patch. I was just having a hard time finding a dx for retained ear tubes.

dx code V53.09

385.83 is for foreign body and would not be used in this scenario. For removal of the tubes, I use V53.09 - fitting and adjustment (which includes removal of).
LaSeille Willard, CPC