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Post Op Dx: Septic arthritis status post right rotator cuff repair.

Procedure: Irrigation and debridement of right shoulder with primary closure and deltoid repair.

...The patient's dressing had been removed for the entire prep. The patient's wound was carefully examined. A small area of the skin edge that was a little pink and indurated was excised. Following this the deltoid was opened and deep irrigation was performed throughout with deep suction and irrigator down into the inferior axillary recess through the articular surface and out incorporating the U-shaped chronic rotator cuff tear bursal and articular side and through the deltoid superficial and deep and then the subcutaneous tissue. Over 3 liters of irrigated pulsatile lavage with antibiotic imprenanted saline was utilized.

Following this, no additional debris or foreign material was noted. The deltoid was then re-approximated with #1 PDS suture. The subcutaneous tissue was irrigated. The skin was closed in a vertical mattress fashion. Sterile dressing was applied.

Can anyone help me with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!