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brooklyn, New York
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I've been trying to find my provider relations rep for my organization but haven't had any luck so far. Can someone provide me with a provider relations rep for NYC? Please.
To my knowledge, provider relations reps went the way of the dinosaur.
20 years ago, insurance companies assigned provider relations reps to specific geographic areas. Depending on the size of your practice and whether or not the insurance company had a local corporate office, the rep might actually even come to your office occassionally. Then insurances started assigning reps larger geographic areas. You might be able to reach your rep, but wouldn't be in person and might require 5 phone calls to get a response. The past few years, I've never been able to even find out who the rep is, let alone actually speak to one. Provider relations departments are really just call centers now.
There are some exceptions for very large healthcare/hospital systems, but individual docs are left high and dry.
I hope I'm wrong about this specific insurance company and that someone will provide a better answer.
If you are innetwork can't you review the contract and see the person who authorized it with their contact information?
Csperoni summed it up nicely, I feel like a dinosaur myself because that's exactly how it was! Currently what I do is go to the "contact us" section of the Payers web page- that's where they usually (you may have to dig and search) will list the contact information of the CSR/Provider Services person by area. Sometimes its simply called Provider relations or Utilization Management. They will normally provide a phone number or email address. GO WITH THE EMAIL
I have been using email to communicate with my "reps" for BCBS, UHC, and MVP for the last 5 years. They seem to reply faster, AND you get your answer in writing! (Bonus!) Plus if you email someone who is no longer your rep, they will USUALLY supply you with, or forward your email to the correct person. Happy Hunting!