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please help! I have a pt disputing being charged for a finger splint. She says that she brought in the supply and the dr. just applied 2 pieces of tape. I cant find in the notes where they documented they applied the splint. Should I remove this charge from the patient's claim? Thanks!
What charges is the pt being billed for? I would say if she brought it then the only think that can really be charged would be a nurses visit.
if its not documented, then I would remove it from the patients bill. I guess my next question is..Why is your office billing for something thats not documented?
The code being billed is 29130 Application of finger splint; static. From the patient's side, I wouldnt want to pay for the dr to apply tape for something that I brought in but I wanted your alls opinion before I made a move. Thanks!
If cast application or strapping is provided as an initial service (eg, casting of a sprained ankle or knee) in which no other procedure or treatment (eg, surgical repair, reduction of a fracture or joint dislocation) is performed or is expected to be performed by a physician rendering the initial care only, use the casting, strapping and/or supply code (99070) in addition to an evaluation and management code as appropriate.
herbie..I agree with you...but it must be documented.

Jmorris..correct me if I am wrong..but didnt you state that you could not find documentation in the patient notes that this was even done??
personally..I would remove it from the patients bill.

1) documentation doesnt support anything (it stinks)
2) the patient brought the splint with her...even if he did stick it on her finger and add a couple pieces of tape, I dont think that justifies anything more than his E/M visit

just my two cents :)
I definitely agree with you and I will have it removed from the patient's claim. Thank you all so much for your help and research. I think it is very valuable to get suggestions from other coders!