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I have a patient that has Medicare, we billed a 99496 and 94150. According to the EOB from Medicare, it appears that another required service/procedure needs to be billed with the 94150 (insurance paid the 99496). I am having some difficulty finding out exactly what type of service/procedure would need to be billed with or before the 94150.

If anyone would have some insight on this, please let me know.

Why are codes 99496 and 94150 being billed together? When/how was the decision for the need to do the test made? What DXs are you using?

For 94150, the guidelines state: "Codes 94010-94799 include laboratory procedure(s) and interpretation of test results. If a separate identifiable evaluation and management service is performed, the appropriate E/M service code including new or established patient office or other outpatient services (99201-99215), office or other outpatient consultations (99241-99245), emergency department services (99281-99285), nursing facility services (99304-99318), domiciliary, rest home, or custodial care services (99324-99337), and home services (99341-99350) may be reported in addition to 94010-94799."