Can we bill a consult?


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The patient presented to the ED for pain.
The ED physician called our hospitalist, who by the phone recommended a diagnostic laparoscopy for possible ectopic pregnancy.
The ED physician documents the patient is discharged to surgery at 1:00 PM.
Our hospitalist documents her H&P at 2:45 PM and then continues with the Laparoscopic treatment of ectopic pregnancy.
I know that phone call consults are not billable, but since the hospitalist did end up examining the patient and documenting an H&P, is this separately billable?
I thought about using an ED Visit code, but since the patient was no longer in the ED by the time the hospitalist saw her, I didn't think it was appropriate.
Since the patient was already in the surg unit, would the H&P by our hospitalist be considered inherent to the procedure?
Thank you!