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    Can we bill a consult?

    Hello! The patient presented to the ED for pain. The ED physician called our hospitalist, who by the phone recommended a diagnostic laparoscopy for possible ectopic pregnancy. The ED physician documents the patient is discharged to surgery at 1:00 PM. Our hospitalist documents her H&P at 2:45...
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    Question ACEP ER Facility Guidelines

    Anyone familiar with ACEP facility ER coding Guidelines? Have you used them in a facility or ever worked with them? Thanks
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    ED Pro Fee procedure code for open wound covered with Dermabond but not closed?

    "chlorhexidine and then put 3 layers of Dermabond over the wound. It is dry after. We wrapped with Ace wrap and advised compression stockings." Wound extends down to subcutaneous tissue of the extremity with steady pooling of serous fluid. non-cancerous lesion removed 5 weeks prior, slowly...
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    ED Profee rx management

    When assigning Profee E&M levels for emergency room visits are medications administered during the visit considered prescription drug management?
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    OB/GYN Table of Risk for ED

    I am wondering if anyone has any input on what they consider to be 'minimal', 'low', 'moderate', and 'high' on the table of risk for OB/GYN visits to the ED. A scenario I am specifically wondering on 1) Patient presents to ED and sees a Family Practice provider as she is in active labor. The...
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    Average Number of ED Charts Coded in an Hour

    Hello, I've been trying to find some averages on the amount of ED charts that can be coded in an hour when coded by a person rather than a computer assisted coding program, but I'm having a hard time finding anything. Is anyone on here able to give me any kind of insight? I appreciate any...
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    97602 is there another code like this that is not an e&m

    I am trying to answer a question on a test and can't use E&M, only CPT, ICD10CM and Modifiers. 97602 is the best match I can find but it's not scrubbing. All that was done was a dressing change in the ER. Can anyone point me on the right path, I'm at a loss.
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    Emergency department coding

    Having difficulty finding experienced Emergency Department coders with their certification, (CPC or CCS-P) who are familiar with all aspects; i.e. technical/professional E/M, procedural and drug administrations (infusion/hydration). If anyone has a solution, please share!
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    My physician asked to consult in ER

    I'm a chart auditor for a large urology group and there is some dispute on our providers providing a consult in the ER. Patient is Medicare and we are NOT admitting the patient to our service. I was told that we should be using 99201-99205 or 99212-99215 as the patient is "out patient" and we...
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    ED injection and infusion codes

    Hi I am looking for a nice article or free resource that explains ED infusion and injection codes. Does anyone have a good resource? I seem to remember a HealthCare Business Monthly article, but I can't find it Thank you! Becky
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    for consultation done in the E/R- If the physician knows that the patient will be admitted to either the medical floor or as an inpatient, he can use an admission code without the AI modifier correct? what if he gets admitted to observation status? I've read that a new patient (outpatient) code...
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    CPT 57720 post biopsy

    I have a patient who had a cone biopsy of the uterus and came into the ED a few days later for bleeding from the site. A GYN consult was done and they sutured the site. Since the global period doesn't apply and this is a facility only charge does CPT 57720 fit this procedure? I'm at a loss on...
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    Unsure e&m

    Hi All, I have a question that I can not seem to find the answer for so this is my last resort. I have a trauma doctor who is trying to bill an inpatient consult (99253) but there's a couple problems, number one the patient is in the ER and hasn't been admitted, YET, second problem is the...
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    ED CODER with SDS and observation experience and Inpatient Coder WANTED ASAP

    WE are in need for these two positions multiple spots available. WE need full-time and part-time coders. Work from home, full benefits. Great company. Trust HCS is the company hiring. Feel free to check them out here at www.trusthcs.com There is a test during the interview process. Please...
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    Emergency Department Consultant Needed

    We are preparing a bid for an emergency room department contract. We are experienced in the MD billing field but limited knowledge of ED operation. Looking for someone to consult and participate in the proposal development phase of the project and possibly into implementation/operation stage...
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    Free Standing ER

    I do the billing for a Free Standing Emergency Room in Texas. Just wanted to see if there was any one else out there! I am looking to hopefully compare notes!
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    Ed Coders in ER or HIM?

    Hello, I am needing to know how other Emergency Department Coders complete their assignments. I currently work in the ED Department, our hospital is looking to move the location of the coders to HIM and reorganize some of our responsabilities. I need input as to how other ED manage their...
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    ER Visit: Chief Complaint vs. 1st Diagnosis as primary?

    Hi Everyone! A provider initially billed the following: 99284 Diag #1: 465.9 ACUTE URI UNSPEC Diag #2: 787.03 VOMITING ALONE Because of their contract, this prompted us to pay them a particular amount that's lower than a regular "emergent visit." They then billed us again, and...