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Parkville, MO
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I think the renewal fee of $160.00 for a certified Coder with the AAPC is getting a little much when my Daughter is a nurse and they pay no more than $80.00 every two years. This really needs to be looked at considering most nurses pay scale is much higher than an average Certified Coder. Just my thoughts, maybe most employee's are gettting this paid by their company? I'm not so lucky.
I agree, the renewal fee is high.

I agree, the renewal fee is at the highest I have seen it. I truly hope the higher powers have some compassion on others who for medical reasons cannot work at this time and do not want to lose the certification.
Scholarships are awarded under two categories:

AAPCCA Hardship Scholarship — financial aid available to AAPC members struggling to maintain their membership and/or certification in times of financial difficulty due to an unexpected hardship. Note: aid is available for maintenance only, no exam purchases.

Project AAPC — a fund available to AAPC members who have experienced a catastrophic disaster.
Alternatively, write to AAPC and ask them to re-evaluate their fees. If they don't get feedback from the community, they will never reduce the fees. At the end of the day, AAPC is a business and the membership fees are a sure way of income for them. Bring this up during your Local Chapter meetings, and have your President take point. Get other Chapters involved.

Just like taxes, if you don't see the benefit of where your money is going; you become more and more hesitant to fork out your hard earned money. That said, AAPC is really not unique in requiring membership dues. Practically, every other professional membership has some type of fee connected with your credentialing.

If you work for a company, ask your manager to look into Corporate Membership. There are some savings to be found there.
It’s so disappointing how much the renewal fee is. $190 + $20 charge if you need to break it up. I pay $10 every two years to renew my cosmetology license. Does anyone know a way to keep your CPC certification and pay to only renew that without having to pay this ridiculous membership fee? I don’t even use anything of the “perks” of the membership.