AAPCCA Hardship/Disaster Assistance Application

The AAPCCA Hardship Committee meets monthly to review all applications received the prior month, and will notify applicants, whether granted an award or not, after that time. The cutoff date for applying is the last day of the month. Please print and keep a copy of this application for your records. The information on this application will be kept confidential among all parties. For more details, visit the scholarship FAQs page.

Two types of assistance are available:

  • Assistance with Maintenance of AAPC Membership and Certification
  • Assistance with Personal Needs for AAPC Members Who Have Experienced a Catastrophic Disaster

Financial aid is available to AAPC members struggling to maintain their membership and/or certification when they are experiencing times of financial difficulty due to an unexpected hardship. All awards are based on availability of funds and applicant's ability to demonstrate reasonable hardship. If reasonable hardship is not explained in detail, the application may be denied. The Committee reserves the right to inquire with local chapter officers of the applicant’s affiliated chapter, the AAPCCA Board of Directors representative for that region, and/or AAPC's staff.

Note: Aid is available for maintenance only, no exam purchases. If the application is not completed in full, the application will not be reviewed by the committee.

To apply for assistance, complete and submit the form below: