Chronic Conditions within PFSH??


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Good Morning,

I have a question regarding a question I came across in a test question for the CRC....

Which of the following is "TRUE" regarding the past, family and social histories?

1. PFSH contains information regarding a patient's chronic conditions.

2. PFSH includes information regarding the patient's history that may put him/her at risk for certain conditions

3. PFSH should not be used for supporting documentation for diagnosis codes.

I felt the correct answer was 2.

The correct answer was 1 and 2.

My question is my understanding is that chronic conditions may live in a problem list (meaning active). The problem list is not part of the PFSH. If a condition is listed under the PMH, my understanding is that it is "in the past and not currently active, hence "history of" and therefore no currently active chronic conditions should be present.

Can someone please clarify this scenario.

Thanks!! Most appreciative!!


Local Chapter Officer
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A bit of a tricky question

Hi Momo2,
I recall that question from the exam, which I took on the 29th and thankfully passed. I think it is a bit tricky because all 3 choices are somewhat valid. If you refer to AAPC Risk Adjustment coding training-coding diagnoses from PMH and other historical lists, the challenge with abstracting RA dx codes is a "big" source of contention, especially with the advent and increased used of EMR. Unfortunately, PMH is not always PMH-so answer1 is correct, answer 2 is self evident, but answer 3 could be and should be challenged. The reason the acronyms MEAT and TAMPER are so critical to RA coders and auditors is because oftentimes the RA dx is only documented in the PMH or other historical lists and CMS has identified certain CC that can be accepted with no other supportive documentation other than the provider has it listed.

Anyway, I hope you passed and I hope this helps