Cigna adjusting off entire charge as CO-45


Boca Raton, FL
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Is anyone experiencing Cigna claims in which they are writing off an entire line of a claim as CO-45? This is clearly a mistake, as these are covered services, and the EOB even includes the (correct) allowed amount. For example: Our charge is $100. The "allowed" amount on the EOB is $61.23. But then the CO-45 adjustment is $100, and they are paying nothing. This only happens on one line of each claim; the other lines are paying fine!

I am reaching out to Cigna on this, but wanted to give you all a heads-up to look carefully at your Cigna payments!
Kandi Knudsen,CPC,CRC,COBGC

Blue Cross has a habit of doing the same thing. Just be careful if you have automatic posting. Our EOBs post iautomatically but before we finalize the batches we review each entry to make sure that those types of entries are corrected. Happens all the time with Blue Cross.