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Brandon, FL
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Deborah Robinson COC (old name CPC-H), CPC
3941 Applegate Cir * Brandon, FL. 33511

Work history:
Pyramid Healthcare Solutions (Anthelio Healthcare and Atos) – staffing company. Employed July 1, 2013 thru 2-29-2016 – Job title: remote fulltime Outpatient II coder. I coded at Children’s Hospital for 2 years and then I was transferred to Community Health Services for 5 months. Pyramid’s contract ended and at the same time Anthelio bought Pyramid so I was released. Atos has since bought Anthelio. To verify employment: Tel: 1-800-367-5690. Brandon Surgery Center (ASC) 2-21-2001 thru 4-19-2013 HCA went to a centralized billing office and my position was eliminated.

Outpatient Coding Curriculum with the American Academy of Professional Coders (comparable to the Coding Specialist curriculum with AHIMHA), started July 2016 completed December 2016. I am certified in Outpatient Coding and CPC.
Elsevier Publishing for ICD-10-CM, started November 2013 completed it June 2014. I am certified in ICD-10-CM.
Penn Foster Career School - medical coding and billing course started in March 1998 completed October 2000. The areas of study were: Medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, disease process, pharmacology. The course taught each body system and how they function together. The coding portion taught an overview of Inpatient, E/M, and billing. There were more in depth studies of Outpatient and surgery coding.

I have kept up-to-date with coding by enrolling in various webinars and workshops from the AAPC:
*2017 CPT Coding Updates *Practicode COC cases – practice cases for Outpatient Coding
*2017 ICD-10-CM Updates (through AAPC)
*Surgical Chart Audits – Cutting Into the Documentation
*Navigating ICD-10-CM Guidelines: How to wade through the complexity

Skills and Responsibilities:
EMR's" Encoders: Billing Programs:
Clinview-HPF, 3M-360, 3M 360 Computer assisted coding, Advantx, AS400-HMS
Cerner, Siemens, Epic Trucode, Webstrat
Endcoder Pro by Ingenix

Areas of coding that I have worked in: Pyramid’s client: Community Health Services – 195 general acute hospitals and 29 ASC’s. I did not have a permanent site to code, so I floated between sites. This allowed me to code a broad case mix in Same Day Surgeries and ASC facilities, including: laminectomies, endoscopies for gastrointestinal and bronchoscopes, orthopedic and other’s. Children’s Hospital of Omaha – their case mix included: ENT, bronchoscopes, orthopedics (congenital defects, broken bones), pulmonology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, general surgery, plastics, and urology. Brandon Surgery Center (ASC) their case mix included ophthalmology -retina, cornea, ocular plastics, general plastics, brachytherapy for the prostate, pain, ENT, gynecology, gastroenterology orthopedics, and urology.

My computer skills include:
*MS Excel *Outlook *Join
*MS Word *VPN’s

Community Health Services – I was able to work together with Pyramid’s team to accomplish Community’s goals of having everything coded and billed within 24 hours of receiving all the needed documents for the chart. I also, worked with the IT department to resolve continuous software and program issues quickly. I was able to train 10 new coders how to run the EMR’s and Billing programs.

Children’s Hospital – We were a smaller team so we were cross trained to help with one or two other departments when needed. I was cross trained in clinics; most of my time was in the Same-Day-Surgery department.

Brandon Surgery Center – an HCA facility – I was able to raise their net revenue considerably because they were not coding cases that were being cancelled in the OR. Also, I was able to reduce their billing days to meet the goal of having everything billed within 24 hours after receiving all of the needed documents. When I started their numbers of cases were 650 – 750 a month. When I left the number had risen to 750-900 cases a month with a couple of months reaching 1000 cases.
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