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Is there anyone that can tell me some places that I can learn the easy way to do hand surgeries. My doctor does alot of nerve and tendon repairs in the hand and forearm and they are very confusing to me. I am just needing some resource to give me the dumbies guide to coding for these surgeries. Right now I am taking them to him and we are doing them together but, i'm not learning very much from this because he knows what he is talking about but, I am clueless.
I am also very new to coding Plastic Surgery so if there is any helpful hints out there please pass them on too.
I am having the same problems asa you right now. I have volunteered to code a few surgeries and the hand is very tricky. I would like to know of any resources availiable too.

Kris, CPC
The only thing that I have found to help me is number one my dr helps me a ton, and there is a web site that has posters of the anatomy of the hand and it is another good resource online is So, hope that helps some.....but, my best resource is my dr. I'm sure that your sorry you volunteered to do those hand surgeries....LOL :)
Have you tried asking in the orthopedic forums? I worked Orthopedics for many years and did a lot of soft tissue and nerve repairs for the hand specialist I worked for. There may be other coders out there that are coding the same things you are but are in a different specialty. I was viewing this forum to get some ideas because I am now starting to work plastics. Hope that helps!
Try Zimmer Orthopdecis and Small Bone Innovations. They have many products for ortho (hand) procedures and a lot of them have video and hand-outs that detail procedures. Its product specific, but the descriptions could be very helpful.