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Please help with coding: Excision of 3cm mass right shoulder Path: Epidermal Cyst, Skin lesion right shoulder; benign (My Doc is telling me to code mass rather than leison I do not understand Please help! I would code this as follows (Unless he tells me there is a layered closure than I would add that) 11403 Is this right?
Thanks for any help
Deb - CPC-A
Its important to read the op note to see how deep the surgeon went before applying the benign lesion/mass codes.

If the incision is superficial then you would use codes from the integ section. If its sub-q or deep you would need to look at 23075/23076 for the shoulder. For the back 21930 does not even state a depth so you could use that. "Almost" every musculoskeletal area of the CPT book has codes for sub-q and deep excisions.

Hope this helps.